The Unicorns


The Blue Unicorns – eleven at present – are the soul of the Unicorn and we practically live in their midst.

We are their “guardians” and our duty is to care for and love them.

Horse experiences

The Unicornio Azul is evolving towards a new Human/Horse relationship. After having traveled so many mountains for so many years, the Blue Unicorns now invite us to take us to a new destination: ourselves. Through Equine Mediation, a powerful accompaniment facilitated by horses – that, due to characteristics of their species, perceive everything and reflect and reveal, without filters and in the present moment, what our inner state is – and accompanied with empathy and benevolence, by Pauline Décamps, the Mediator, trained in France.

Do you feel stuck in a personal or professional situation ? Do you want to advance your personal path ? Looking for clarity and security? Do you long for serenity, peace and harmony?

This interests you, inspires you, speaks to you? Let’s talk about it!

(Sessions are conducted on foot and do not require any equestrian experience or knowledge.)

In this human-horse relationship that we want marked by freedom, respect, awareness and connection, the Horseback Riding that we continue to carry out must be compatible with this search. For this reason, they will only be feasible for riders with a minimum of several months of learning “horseback riding” (and with a weight not exceeding 185 lbs) and for very small groups.

(We no longer have horseback riding for beginners or people who have ridden a horse but without formal training. We appreciate your understanding!)

In both cases, we strongly recommend checking availability and making a reservation!


Horseback Riding Prices

Horse Ride “First contact”

These rides allow you to discover the surroundings of the lodge, on horseback.
Horse Ride 1h15: Q 220
Horse Ride 1h30: Q 260

Horse Ride “Immersion”:
These rides take us a little deeper into the Cuchumatanes, its landscapes, its views and the rural life of its villages.
Horse Ride 2h: Q 345

Horse Ride “Experience”
Depending on availability and the size and equestrian level of the group, we can go on a longer ride of 3 hours, which will allow us to embrace more variety of this unusual region.
First hour: Q 180 – each consecutive hour: Q 165



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