About our services

Unicornio Azul’s specialty is Equine Mediation (Coaching facilitated by the horse). We also organize horseback riding for small groups of RIDERS (that is, at least, totally comfortable at three paces), checking availability and reserving previously.

Additionally, there are numerous activities and places of interest that you can do and visit in the region from the Blue Unicorn, either on your own or if you need it, with a guide that we can gladly recommend.

We do not have a restaurant, but we are happy to serve you at our table with a Menu of the day with different food and drink options, a service only for our guests. We will send you the Menu, the day of your arrival so that you can order in advance. Our food is homemade and prioritizes fresh and, when possible, local ingredients.

El Unicornio Azul is a lodge, it is not a recreational park, so we do not have “day pass”. Our services are only lodging, food only for guests and ecuestrian experiences . The facilities are for you, our guests to whom we guarantee the tranquility you seek, by not receiving more visitors than the capacity of the lodge.

We do not have camping service; only the lodge.

Except for some unforeseen events, we have wi-fi during working hours, which reaches the Main House of the lodge where the dining room, the outdoor terrace and three of the rooms are located. Inside rooms # 1 and 2 of the Casita, there is no telephone or internet signal.

The Rides

You do not need to be lodged, to book a horseback ride, but do take into account the very specific conditions in which we offer this service (https://www.unicornioazul.com/en/equestrian-experiences/). On the basis that yes, you are riders, it is necessary to check availability and book. So we will be prepared and waiting for you !

We have small children

Children are always welcome, AS LONG AS, they are under the supervision and responsibility of their parents and they make sure the children respect and be careful to:

  • The lodge, including its equipment and decoration, the plants and the animals as well.
  • The peace, tranquility and space of the other guests

We invite you to read and analyze BEFORE reserving these simple rules of coexistence and analyze if you feel comfortable with them. They will surely enjoy the countryside, the animals’ company and the hiding places among the rocks.

We only have five rooms, so we cannot have special prices for children “per se” as big hotels can do, since they use the resources (bed, water – very scarce – space in the common areas etc.) equally (or sometimes more) than an adult. We receive a lot of families, so if we had half the occupancy for half the price, the lodge simply wouldn’t be sustainable. However, if you have very young children, do not hesitate to ask us, we will gladly see how they can be distributed in the rooms in such a way that we can give them a more favorable rate.

Reservations and Payments

Reservations are strongly recommended. We are very small and the rooms might be full if you decide to only walk in. We cannot guarantee services that have not been previously reserved.

There are no defined deadlines per se. It is important however to take into account that Saturdays and holidays are the most requested and reserved in advance (see our high season dates) while during the week and in low season, the demand is much lower although we only have five rooms so, with a big group, at any time, we can be easily filled.

Check availability (by whatsapp or another way that suits you better)

Reserve provisionally by any of these ways

Based on the confirmation of availability and the indications that will be sent to you, make an advance deposit (50% in low season, 100% in high season) by the way that will be sent to you.

Send us an image of the transaction and we will send you an acknowledgment of receipt.

Ready !

The advance can be paid by electronic transfer or bank deposit. There is also the option to pay by credit card through a payment link that would be sent to you. In the latter case, take into account that the system we manage (which is not a POS) divides the card commission between you and us and will recharge both of us by 4%.The balance can be paid in the same ways, or in cash.


Let’s start with reality: we are located at the Sierra at 3,000 meters high.. If you are looking for heat, it is definitely NOT the right place! The air is always relatively cold (between 10 and 20 degrees during the day at the shade); the clouds, the night or the wind greatly increase the feeling, while the sun, which is very strong, decreases it significantly.


Therefore, if it is cold or not depends on the mind and attitude of each person and how he lives things. Because the climate is part of the region or country that you are visiting and one of the discoveries during the trip. If you are looking for the same climate you have at home, it will be wiser to stay ….. at home. If you are looking to discover new environments, sensations and experiences, we are waiting for you!

The rooms have a small wood stove to heat the room (not for cooking!) and a certain amount of firewood at your disposal, with the possibility of requesting more for an additional cost. And in each bed, you will find five thick blankets when you lie down, so we hope you sleep well.

If you would like to wake up with frosted dawns, nights invaded by stars, intense blue skies and spectacular cloudscapes, the coldest time, from November to February is the most propitious (with the exception of the ” northern fronts ” that bring a lot of wind and air cold north, clouds and humidity).

If you prefer green and more flowery landscapes, rainy season (supposedly from May to October) is indicated.

If you prefer the less cold season, the months of March and April are the most favorable. They are also the driest.

Warm and comfortable clothes (a good sweater and a jacket is a good combination) and comfortable shoes for walking and wanting to live new experiences!

We have a food and beverage service for our guests, but if you wish, you can bring snacks, which we appreciate keeping in your room. You will not be able to cook on the site (nor in the rooms of course, nor outside). Neither we cook food that you have brought. If you bring alcoholic bottles, logically we will have to charge corkage. And in any case, for the tranquility of the place and respect for other guests, owners and neighbors, alcohol is only allowed in moderation. The place is not suitable for parties.

We are animal lovers and dog lovers in particular, so we have many rescued dogs. We understand that it would be great to come with your dog. But unfortunately, it is not possible… Because, even if it is “small and well behaved”, we have our own dogs that will logically defend their territory and we don’t want your dog or ours to get hurt; because your dog, out of its usual environment, will want to be with you and we cannot impose it on the other guests; because they end up comfortably lying in bed which, for reasons of hygiene, cannot be done either and for other reasons that previous experiences have taught us. We appreciate your understanding.

We deliver your room at 3:00 p.m. but if it is available earlier, we will gladly deliver it to you earlier and you can also arrive earlier. On the day of your departure, we will need your room at 12:00 but you can leave the place later.

Yes, the last six kilometers are unpaved, and the state can vary depending on the season, but normally, any vehicle enters, although if it is very low, you will have to drive particularly slowly. If you have doubts, ask us!

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