About our services

The only activity that we organize directly are horseback ridings, which are our speciality. Additionally, there are numerous activities and places of interest that you can visit in the region, from Unicornio Azul, either on your own or if you need it. We are happy to recommend someone to organize the tour for you.

We do not have a restaurant, but we are happy to serve at our table the menu of the day, a service exclusively for our guests. Our food is homemade. Lunch usually includes a main dish and a dessert, WHILE at dinner we offer a soup and a main course. If you have specific dietary restrictions, please let us know in advance and we will gladly take them into account.

El Unicornio Azul is a lodge; it is not a park or a recreational park so we do not have the service of “spending the day”. Our services are lodging and food for guests, and horseback riding. The facilities are for our guests to whom we guarantee the tranquility they seek; we do not receive more people than the capacity of the lodge.

We do not have camping service; only the lodge.

In the lodge, there is no wi- fi. We suggest you taking it as a good opportunity to disconnect and be free of some electromagnetic waves. Now, if you bring your phone with Tigo or Claro’s internet plan, you will have internet signal.

The Rides

We are very small and we must give priority to our guests, so, on the most requested days, we will not have the capacity to serve more people than them. However, on quieter days, if there is availability, you can come to ride horses, even if you are not staying. We strongly advise you to check availability and schedules and book beforehand. That way we can expect you and we will be waiting for you.

It is not necessary – although it is much better of course – to know how to ride to do some of our rides of one or two hours. We will have a horse, an itinerary and a rhythm that adapts to your level. Take into account that not all of our horses are for beginners and there is an acceptable maximum number of beginners per group, for your safety and the manageability of the group.
For two-day trips, yes, it is necessary to know how to ride (that is, as a general rule, have taken riding lessons and at least be totally comfortable when walking, trotting and cantering, and in rough terrain, please do not confuse with having mounted before).

Usually, a maximum of one child of six years minimum and another beginner of 8-9 years minimum can be accepted for a ride. Take into account that the rides are always of an hour minimum, in open field and rugged terrain and children go alone in their horses (under our advice and supervision of course). It would be irresponsible on our part to allow a small child to be on the same horse with one of the parents. Neither we do “pulled small rides” (only to the too smallest ones of our guests so they can be “taken away”).

We have small children

Children are always welcome, AS LONG AS, they are under the supervision and responsibility of their parents and they make sure the children respect and be careful to:

· The lodge, including its equipment and decoration, the plants and the animals as well.
· The peace, tranquility and space of the other guests

We invite you to read and analyze BEFORE reserving these simple rules of coexistence and analyze if you feel comfortable with them. They will surely enjoy the countryside, the animals’ company and the hiding places among the rocks.

We have only five rooms so we do not have special prices for children “per se” as big hotels are able to do, Since children must use the same resources (bed, water -very scarce -, space in the common room, etc.) than adults (or sometimes more); and if they are going to ride a horse, it is a much greater responsibility and attention than with an adult rider. We receive a lot of families so, simply, if we had half of the occupation to half price, we would likely break soon. That said, if you have a large group and/or very small children, ask us before hand, we will see how we can be distributed you all in the rooms in such a way that we are able to give you a more favorable rate.

Reservations and Payments

It is strongly recommended to book beforehand. We are very small and the rooms might be full if you decide to only walk in. We might also not have room for horse riding or have taken other commitments. We cannot guarantee services that have not been previously reserved.

There are no defined deadlines per se. It is important however to take into account that all holidays in Guatemala are the most requested and reserved in advance (see our high season dates), weekdays however and in low season, for example, have very low demand. Neithertheless to say, please remember that we only have five rooms so with a good group we can be easily filled.

1. Check availability (by contact form, email, phone or WhatsApp)
2. Reserve provisionally by any of these given ways
3. Based on the confirmation and the indications that will be sent to you, make an advance deposit (50% in low season, 100% in high season) through our online payment system in our website, electronic transfer or bank deposit.
4. Send us an image of the transaction and we will send you an acknowledgment of receipt.


To pay the remaining balance or if you come without a reservation, you will be able to pay online, by check, money transfer, cash or Visa card.


Let’s start with the reality: we are located at the Sierra, at 3,000 meters high. If you are looking for heat, it is definitely NOT the right place! The air is always relatively cold (between 10 to 20 degrees during the day at the shade); the clouds, the night or the wind increase a lot the feeling, while the sun, which is very strong, decreases it significantly.

Therefore, if it is cold or not depends on the mind and attitude of each person and how he lives things. Because the climate is PART of the region that you are visiting and one of the discoveries during the trip. If you are looking for the same climate you have at home, it will be wiser to stay ….. at home. If you are looking to discover new environments, we are waiting for you!

To date, there is no heating in the rooms because we are a mountain lodge and not a luxury hotel, but the fire is lit at the end of the afternoon in the common room. Also, in each bed, you will find five thick blankets when lying down and a delicious hot water bottle, so you sleep soundly.

If you would like to wake up with frosted dawns, nights invaded by stars, intense blue skies and spectacular cloudscapes, the coldest time, from November to February is the most propitious (with the exception of the ” northern fronts “).

If you prefer green and more flowery landscapes, rainy season (supposedly from May to October) is indicated.
If you prefer the less cold season, the months of March and April are the most favorable. They are also the driest.

Warm and comfortable clothes (a good sweater and a jacket is a good combination) and comfortable shoes for walking and riding and wanting to live new experiences!

If you wish, you can bring snacks, which we would like you to keep in your room. You will not be able to cook on the site (nor in the rooms of course, nor outside). Neither we cook any food that you have brought. If you bring alcoholic bottles, we will logically have to charge you corkage. And in any case, for the tranquility of the place and respect for other guests, owners and neighbors, only alcohol in moderation is allowed. The place is not suitable for parties.

No. Let us explain why. We are lovers of all animals and dogs in particular. We understand that it would be great to be able to visit us with your dog. But unfortunately, it is not possible … because, even if it is “small and well educated”, we have our own dogs that will logically defend their territory. Also, since your dog is out of its usual environment, it would logically want to be with you all the time; we cannot impose your pet on to the other guests, also because they find comfortable lying in bed, which for reasons of hygiene, cannot be done and finally, other reasons that previous experiences have taught us. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

We guarantee your room at 2:00pm but if it’s available before, we will gladly give it to you sooner, and you can also arrive earlier. The day of your departure, we will need your room clear at noon (12:00pm) but you can leave the place later or still have lunch at Unicornio Azul if you wish.

Yes, the last six kilometers are dirt roads, but any vehicle would be able to enter.

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