The Unicorns

The most of our Unicorns are criollo horses with strong “quarter mile” origins. Of medium height, quite robust, generous and generally easy for an outdoor rider.

They were chosen by us and we trained them to have a great rusticity and at the same time maintain their liveliness and agility of saddle horses. Some are “all public,” while others require riders who have practiced several years of riding. We always look for the most appropriate horse for each person based on the information we asked.

The welfare of our horses is also our commitment and the maximum weight they can carry is 85 kg (185 lbs.)

Horse rides

One, several hours, or a day of riding … The generous pace of our horses takes us through the heart of the Cuchumatanes, through its cozy valley or skirting its vertiginous ravines, but always feeling the throbbing of life on its villages.
Experienced riders will find horses with the spark they seek and some peaceful plains for a canter between the sky and earth.
Beginning riders will experience with excitement – and in a privileged environment – their first exchanges with their mounts under the orientation of a professional guide.
All rides are guided by a Horse Riding Guide certified by the French Equestrian Riding Federation (or in any case, by someone we trust) who will give you all the necessary guidance, prior and during the ride.


Low season:

  • First hour: 150 Q
  • Second hour and so forth: 140 Q

High season:

  • First hour: 160 Q
  • Second hour and so forth: 150 Q


If you want to ensure your horse ride, especially if you are not spending the night, we recommend you to check availability, schedules, and then booking.


Two days / three nights’ ride

Each ride is a unique experience of coexistence with nature, its rhythm and its whims, as well as sharing with your horse and your fellow travelers.
Our two-day rides will allow us for you to enjoy the high moorlands, discovering a small mountain lagoon with emerald waters, bordering valleys, emerging on hidden plains, climbing wild and rocky peaks and camping in the vastness of the night, around a large bonfire propitious to share stories, laughs and life moments.

Through paths used only by the local people, with whom occasional sharing is completely spontaneous, you will be able to discover a totally authentic and isolated region, villages and hamlets of small farmers, ranchers and merchants, which are one of the many facets of true rural Guatemala.
Note: These rides are for “riders” who should at least be completely comfortable at the walking, trotting and cantering throughout rough terrain. These skills should have been necessarily acquired through riding lessons. Or, ultimately and to some extent, for a very long practice of rough field riding.

Equestrian courses

Would you like to understand and communicate better with horses? Would you like to feel more comfortable while riding? Would you like to learn about basic horse care?
We are able to customize a program that fits you! We are able to combine horse riding classes, theoretical and practical techniques that prioritize the understanding of horses, their welfare and the safety of every one involved.

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Equine connection

In this very special experience, lasting about two hours, in the midst of the horses in freedom, we will learn to observe and understand the instincts, behavior and communication of the horses and interact (on foot) with them. We will open our minds and thus develop our empathy, the management of our emotions and our non-verbal communication, which will bring us serenity and peace.

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