The library of chancol

The public education system is clearly deficient, the lack of sources offering healthy entertainment and places of coexistence, family disintegration, cultural identity under pressure, the general perception that overcoming can only happen through immigration to the United States, uncontrolled demographic growth, the lack of employment, the social and cultural impact of immigration, among other multiple factors, cause low self-improvement and frustration in a youth stretched between its roots and rural way of life on the one hand, and the attraction exercised by our globalized consumer society, on the other hand.

At the end of 2010, a group of young people from our community with the concern to “do something” took the initiative to visit us, coinciding with our own “concern” in the face of the obvious deficiencies of the place. From the discussions held with them, it was agreed to create a library. And from this dream, facing obstacles and achievements, little by little it was created what is now the Library, Toy Library and Cultural Center of Chancol.

After some time at a local place in the community, the Unicornio Azul made available a plot of land owned by it, a couple of generous clients and friends and the travel agency Adrenalina Tours financed the construction materials for its own building, built by El Unicornio Azul owner, which premiered at the end of 2013, at the same time, a half-time salaried librarian began an increasingly stable and professional service, financed by another friendly travel agency: Viaventure Central America.

Many more people and friends collaborated in different ways with books, donations or particular knowledge and skills in areas such as writing, drawing, photography, history, astronomy, singing and music, environment, etc., allowing to expand the contribution of the library with workshops, conferences and a different variety of quality activities that are an addition to reading programs and reading and writing contests surrounding subjects of interest to participants, extracurricular support, loan of books, educational games as well as the articulation and specific monitoring to the beneficiaries of a scholarship program for basic and diversificado level.

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