We are a family,
We are fourteen horses

Our masters are Fernando -Guatemalan born- and Pauline, “a French from Chiantla”. The rest of our team is proudly from “La Cumbre”. We are also accompanied by our dogs whom we rescued from the streets and two special cats, well known by our guests.

We love to share from our and better yet, learn a bit from you! .

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What do we dream?


Being small does not prevent us from dreaming big ….

  • We dream in companies on a human scale, in which everyone can grow not only professionally, but also as a team and as people.
  • We dream in a harmonious relationship between the species and we dream that men will be equal to the nobility and generosity of horses one day.
  • We dream in a balanced coexistence with the fragile environment -nature and human – that surrounds us, through increasingly friendly practices with the environment and a relationship of understanding and respect towards our neighbors.
  • We dream in a more solidary society and through the Chancol Library, we seek to promote individual and collective growth, as well as happiness and a better “living-together” through a participatory space of learning, expression, reflection, critical thinking, creation, research, debate, coexistence and entertainment.
  • We dream of a way of having a journey that leaves no traces where we pass, but a positive impact in our ways of being, thinking and acting.


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